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Elegant Silver Coin Disk Anklet Bracelet - Splendor Chic
Elegant Silver Coin Disk Anklet Bracelet - Splendor Chic
Elegant Silver Coin Disk Anklet Bracelet - Splendor Chic

Elegant Silver Coin Disk Anklet Bracelet

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This fine elegant silver coin disk anklet will add that touch of beauty which most other women would never even think to include, stand out from the crowd with a more sophisticated look, showing that you understand that real beauty can come through in ways that most others would never expect. Made from a tasteful design including twelve intricate silver disks, linked to an artful chain of points offset by a delightful tail of chain, this anklet is the perfect counterpoint to balance other jewellery chosen to be worn in conjunction with this silver masterpiece.

Here at SplendorChic we aim to bring you the best and finest bracelets, designed by experts from around the world, to create a look and feel of unmatched individuality.

Ranging from various precious or semi-precious metals, to handmade leather styles, and featuring a range of different stones from rhinestones, cubic zirconia and opals, our bracelets have been created to give the wearer a look of opulence and elegance while still managing to achieve an affordable price so that you can be the envy of your friends without having to break the bank to enjoy the privilege.

One consistent theme is ever present throughout the bracelets here at SplendorChic, elegance. Regardless of whether you choose a handmade leather bracelet, or a tasteful silver piece, you can rest assured that the design in question has been thoughtfully created to produce a sense of elegance and style that will forever remain popular.

Item Type: Bracelet (Anklet)
Length: 20cm (+7cm Tail)
Bracelet Type: Elegant Disks
Gender: Female
Stone Type: Non Applicable
Metals Type: Sterling Silver

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